UKTV Yesterday

channel branding, Direction

UKTV Yesterday


Direction / Design 
Client BBC/ UKTV
Agency: Redbee Media 
6×30 sec films, Channel Rebrand 

Being asked to reposition UKTV History into Yesterday i came up with the idea to use different periods of history as the source for the channel , the channel itself changes as the programming changes, But also allows the channel directors to have fun with mixing up the conceptually approratie timeframes 
There a 16 different logos and looks for the channel (yes thats 16x the work too), We then shot and edited 6 spots that came from the idea of taking sound from one period of history and placing into a different period of history through vision. ie Suffragette protestors with PunkA Conceptual Interesting Design project that has proved to be popular with audiences

James Hutchinson

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